Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Vote for Taj among the new 7 wonders

How to vote directly via SMS:

SMS vote for TAJ MAHAL from INDIA:
please send the message "TAJ" to 8888 * and your vote will be counted.
(* Charge: 2 INR to 10 INR per SMS.)

If you cannot use SMS, you can also vote via telephone and a personal code.

How to get your personal code:
If you cannot use SMS to vote, you can also vote via telephone. You need a personal code - but it's really easy!

All you need to do is call the following number to receive your 6-digit code. The code is valid for one use only, and for one hour only from the time of your call.

Telephone line for INDIA:
please call +6753237253 * and write down the code.
(* Charge: International rates apply. "+" is the symbol for an international number. Please dial the international access code (e.g. 00, 011 etc) instead of "+". Your call will normally last about 1 minute. )

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