Friday, December 03, 2004

Heard about the Wing Women ?

Have u heard abt the new concept of Wingwomen. A guy pays a girl to take her out. But she is neither a prostitute or an escort. She is a Wing Woman !

A wing woman accompanies a guy to a party or a bar or any social meeting place, here he identifies a couple of wopmen he would like to meet up with or talk to but doesnt have the courage or is too shy. The Wingwoman approaches the other woman and starts a casual conversation with her, then introduces the guy as her friend. If the 2 hit it off, the wing woman slowly walks out of the picture.

This concept has taken New York by storm where men are too busy or too egoistic to meet women on their own.

Do u think it can work in India ? Do we need it in India, when there are enough obliging "aunties" who "will introduce to nice homely, educated, working girl"

Your comments ???

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