Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Teejan Bai in Concert

Finally got to watch the Legendary Teejan Bai from Chattisgarh in action. Having heard so much about her, I was wondering if the actual performance could live upto my expectations. But it didn’t.... It surpassed them ! ! ! The Hindi that she used in her Pandwani style of story telling, was so simple that, even I could follow it. Plus she put so much enthu and action into the whole performance, that it was reminiscent of the Usha Uthup kind of energy.

She came to Hyderabad, as part of the Taramati Festival being held at Taramati Baradari by APSTDC. The setting was amazing. But more about that in my next piece.

Teejan Bai sang and acted a scene out of the Mahabharata which included the game of dice being lost by Yudishtir, Draupadi being summoned and dragged in court, a dialog between Rukmini & Krishna before Krishna comes to Draupadis rescue. Pandvani is one of the few styles, where the lead is sung by a woman. Teejan Bai is the best known name in this genre today.

If you get a chance, definitely attend a session by Teejan Bai. It’s a power packed experience.

She was followed by a Pandit Chhannulal Mishra of Benaras who sang a semi classical form of Hindustani Vocals. Unlike many performers, he didn’t have a stiff attitude about his music and had the audience in splits with some lyrical jokes and play on words. Although, I hadnt heard of him before (I dont claim to be an authority on Indian clasical music) I would love to attend an evening, where he is the solo performer. He connects with the audience at every step, which makes it a special performance to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible power of communication.Now and then such gifted natural Artists should be covered in the Tv media.Where can one get a video of her performance?Thanks.

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