Friday, December 03, 2004

Parents !!!

Our Parents.....

When you came into this world
They held you in their arms
You thanked them by
wailing loudly

When you were 1 yr old
They fed you and bathed you
You thanked them by
Crying all night and keeping them awake

When you were 2 yrs old
They taught you how to walk
You thanked them by
Running away when they called

When you were 3 yrs. Old
They taught you poems
You thanked them by
Not speaking a word at the school interview

When you were 4 yrs old
They took you out for meals
You thanked them by
Tossing the plate on the floor

When you were 5yrs old
They bought you crayons
You thanked them by
Spoiling all the drawing room walls

When you were 6 yrs old
They drove you to school bus
You thanked them by
crying loudly "I don't want to go??.."

When you were 7 yrs old
They bought you the best toys they found
You thanked them by saying
"my friend has got better ones !"

When you were 8 yrs old
They bought you a cricket bat
You thanked them by smashing
The neighbour's window pane

When you were 9 yrs old
They drove you to your friend's B'day Party
You thanked them by
jumping out of the car And not looking back.

When you were 10 yrs old
They paid for your music classes
You thanked them by
Never bothering to practice.

When you were 11 yrs old
They took you to a Hill Station for vacation
You thanked them by complaining
That your friends go abroad

When you were 16 yrs old
They invited your friends home on you B'day
You thanked them by asking them
To stay out and leave you and your friends alone in the room.

When you were 17 yrs old
They turned up for your School PTA meeting
You thanked them by blaming them
For embarrassing you in front of friends

when you were 18 yrs old
They taught you how to drive
You thanked them by taking the car
At every possible opportunity and Making them wait up in worry

When you were 19 yrs old
They were expecting important calls
You thanked them by
being on the Phone with friends for hours

When you were 20 yrs old
They wanted to discuss your career with you
You thanked them by saying that
Your plans are different from theirs

When you were 21 yrs old
They gifted you a two wheeler
You thanked them by leaving it at home
And roaming around in friends' cars

When you were 23 yrs old
They arranged for a job for you
You thanked them by complaining all the time
That its not 'your kind of work'

When you were 24 yrs old
They were excited to find a life partner for you
You thanked them by breaking the news
That you already have someone in mind

When you were 25 yrs old
They spent all their savings on your wedding
You thanked them by
Moving to a separate house with your spouse

When you were 30 yrs old
They called up with some advice on your baby
You thanked them by telling them
That things are different from their time

When you were 35 yrs old
They wished you on your wedding anniversary
You thanked them by going out with your wife
And leaving the kids behind for them to take care

When you were 40 yrs old
They asked your to attend a relatives' wedding
You thanked them by saying
That we are really very busy to go

When you were 45 yrs old
They wished to come over and stay with you
You thanked them by saying that your children
Had trouble 'communicating' with them

When you were 50 yrs old
They fell ill and needed your care
You thanked them by making sure
They had signed all 'property papers'

And then one day
They quietly went away
And everything you never did
Came crashing down on your face

We may find it childish and silly
To tell our parents in word that we love them
But can't we take our moments to make sure
They know this someway ?????.

There is no substitute for them
Cherish every single second spent in their care
They may not be your best friends
And you may not agree with everything they say
But this is one place you can just close your eyes
And trust blindly that whatever they are saying
Is only for your good ????..
Have different viewpoints from them
But never let it overpower love and respect.


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