Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black Beauty - #WhatTheBlack

What does Black signify to you?
Something to be afraid of or something desirable?

In some cultures black is considered inauspicious, fair skin is prized over dark skin, so can black really be beautiful? and desirable?

I think it can. For the following reasons

1. Chocolate - Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate - they all come in various shades of black and each one is more delicious than the other.

2. The LBD - most women would know that Coco Chanel said that a "Little Black Dress" is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. Just look at Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". A Little Red Dress, can never make as much impact as a Little Black Dress.

3. DSLR cameras - While some companies, do offer a couple of colour variants, most DSLR cameras and their lenses are black. Each of those lenses are such sleek pieces of technology and have grace in functionality.

4. Kajal - which Indian woman, ignores Kajal in her make up routine, even our harried mothers, who had no time for make-up wore kajal. On Diwali day the soot collected from the Holy Diya is applied on the inner eyelids of everyone (male or female) in the family.

5. Teak Wood Furniture - Whenever I think of the fun times we have had at my grandparents house, I also remember the beautiful dark solid teakwood furniture. It withstood all childhood pranks and seemed as steady and solid as my grandparents. Even today when my grandparents are no more, their solid black furniture still stands.

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A Zestful Life

When you are on the wrong side of 30 and have siblings on the right side and you see their energy and enthusiasm, its easy to wonder if you are growing old, but there area few things that reinforce my zest for life.

5. Travel : Every travel experience of ours is an adventure. I have lived in 16 cities in 4 countries and have relocated many more times. Our lifestyle itself is Nomadic and we throw in plenty of additional travel too. Whether it is a 50 km drive or a trip to a different continent, each trip comes with its own challenges and new experiences, which helps bring us in touch with new people, learn about new cultures and traditions and of course sample lovely food.

4. Food : Whether it is cooking up a new dish at home or enjoying a meal by a passionate chef or a traditional homemade meal by a friends mom (or dad), food is an excitement not just for our palates but also for our mind. And the quest for good food always keeps our energy levels high.

3. Our Cat - Ms Bacardi Baj-Pais : Our cat finds the strangest things to get excited about, it could be a pigeon outside the window, or an ant crawling up the wall. I don't even have to mention about laser pointers and shadows, for people who have had experience with cats. Her enthusiasm is infectious and after any interaction with her, we realise how it is easy to find excitement in even the simple things in life. She is often happier chasing after a rolled up ball of discarded aluminum foil or a ball of scrap paper, than in an expensive imported cat toy, which is a clear indication that something doesn't have to be expensive to provide excitement or pleasure.

2. My Siblings : They are all younger than me and one of them is younger by over a decade. They keep me abreast of what is going on in the world of technology, social media, music, movies and I often go to them for advice on which phone to buy or to discover a new recording artist for a particular mood. They make me feel younger and give me a pulse of the younger and zestier generation.

1. My Husband : We have known each other for almost 15 years and been married for around 10. We can talk about anything (although when he talks about sports, I only listen without having anything to contribute and when I talk about English music, he often has no clue what I'm talking about) We never tire of each others company, and are comfortable enough with each other, that when on a trip to Montreal, he can go watch a Rogers Cup Tennis match, while I wander around local Farmers markets and then go visit museums and churches together.We share a love of travel, history, good food, books, theater and movies. And we feed off each others energies and passions.

Also each one of these, is an incentive for me to keep living my life the best way that I can, with energy, enthusiasm and a constant zest for life

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