Friday, December 03, 2004

100 scientific things to do before you die

Scientists from a UK think tank have come up with a new take on 100 things to do before you die.

Involving ideas from the renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and astronomer Patrick Moore, the list details one hundred scientific ideas to further your intellect while at the same time having fun.

"You've only got one life, so make the most of it," say list editors Valerie Jamieson and Liz Else. "Swim in a bioluminescent lake, boil an egg with a mobile phone, or have a new species named after you."

According to Ms Jamieson and Else, the list published in the New Scientist magazine provides "the best science has to offer in the way of new experiences".

Ranging from the whacky South Pole 300 Club (where you bathe in a 200 degree Fahrenheit sauna before running to the South Pole naked in minus 100 degrees), to the slightly more accessible assisting at the birth of an animal, the scientific list has something to tempt everyone.

Other highlights include extracting your own DNA, connecting your home PC to the alien-spotting Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, going to see Galileo's middle finger in Florence and measuring the speed of light with chocolate.

Alternatively, for £35,000 you could clone your pet cat or with a little effort learn the native American language of Choctaw - with one tense for relaying information you know to be true and a second for giving unchecked information from someone else.
Anyone have an idea on where I can find the list of 100 ? Please add in the comments space.

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