Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ramblings on some of my favourite music artists

Bellamy Brothers was an uncles favourite, so I grew up listening to their country music at grandmas house. Love Don Williams too.

S&G is Simon & Garfunkel, who Im sure most people would have listened to.
Scorpions & Dire Straits hit it big in the early 80's. Attended the Scorpions Live in Bangalore couple of years ago and thought they are in their 50's now. They still rock.

Strauss is Johann, I just love his waltzes, the only Western Classical Musician I actually enjoy for easy listening, not contemplation.

Carpenters is one of mummys favourites which I grew to like because I listened to them so often because of her.

And who has not heard of "The King"... Elvis himself, he still fills the news with people reporting sightings of him almost daily in the US : )

Shania Twain sings in a rock influenced country kind of way. She's become one of my sisters favourites too because of me.

Allanis Morisette is the only artist I listen to for the lyrics. She comes from this position of rebellion from a rigid catholic upbringing which I kind of identified with when she was singing those kind of songs. She's changed a bit now and her themes are different but I still follow her.

A friend of mine, once told me "I loved the Beatles (still do!), both for their trendseting, unconventional, break all rules type of music and also for the richness of their lyrics. The best anti-cleric (Roman Catholic, that is) lyrics I have heard to date are from the song 'Eleanor Rigby', about the love of a spinster for a priest that could not be actualised because of the 'law of celibacy' which that particular priest chose to adhere to. That is why, you have got me interested in this Allanis Morisette. Perhaps
not the music, although I'll keep an open mind about that, but the
rebellious lyrics! Been a rebel myself from age 14, and have not yet retired! You're right about J. Strauss. No one wrote better waltzes. If you like marches, try John Philip Sousa."

Except for maybe Usher, I don’t listen to any of the new music makers on the scene. I refuse to call them artists because they arent creative enough. Very repetitive music and themes in all their compositions.

Its so difficult to get particular artistes in India. For eg they only sell "Jagged Little Pill" of alanis in India.
I just cant find a "Luther Van Dross" CD. He has sung an amazing song called "Dance with my father again", shortly before he had his stroke. Thankfully he is on the road to recovery. I found him by chance, because one of the actresses in "boston public" sang this song in one of the episodes and I went online to find the lyrics. It’s a very touching song. And that’s how I discovered Luther.

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