Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Da Vinci Code Web Quest

Guess most of you would have read the book. Have you visited the authors site. Really worth a visit. Especially if you would like to view the art and churches described in the Robert Langdon books.

If u do visit the site, try your hand and brain at the code deciphering.

Regarding what Dan Brown has to say about the deciphering problem :

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about The Web Quest

I've solved the Caesar Box, but I see nowhere to type the answer. Is something wrong with the page?
No, everything you need is there. Consider typing the answer somewhere ELSE.

I've reached Robert Langdon's site, but I don't know what to do.
You might consider writing Mr. Langdon an e-mail to ask him what to do. His address is on his website.

I've written Robert Langdon an E-mail, but he never wrote back.
Langdon ALWAYS writes back...immediately. If you have an automated spam filter, occasionally filters will block his response. You might try turning off your filtering. Also, Langdon will only respond to you once in every 24 hour period.

I need the password for the Swiss Bank account, but I don't have a copy of the novel. What should I do?
Well, aside from the obvious, you might consider stopping by a library, calling a friend who does have the book, or (if you're really impatient) you might try the first ten digits of the Fibonacci Sequence.

Part of the contest requires me to call a U.S. phone number, but I don't know the international access codes. What do I do?
Did we ever say this was going to be easy? You might check your phone book's international information page.

Did somebody actually win this contest? What was the prize?
Yes. That honor goes to Trent Anderson of Big Lake, Minnesota. Trent is the official winner of The Da Vinci Code Web Quest. His name was randomly selected from more than a thousand finalists who completed the quest within the April deadline. Dan Brown called Trent personally to give him the good news. As the winner, Trent will become a character in Dan's next novel. The only question is... will he be a hero or a villain?

I'm still having trouble solving the quest. Can you give me a hint regarding a specific area?
Sorry, no hints! We suggest you contact a friend and solve the contest together. It's more fun that way. We promise the solution exists. Thousands of people have now made it to the end.

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