Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hyderabad Times Party

Attended the Hyderabad Times (HT) Party at ITC Kakatiya on 16th,

Hmmmm, what can I say.

Having attended Bangalore Times parties, I have to say, Hyderabad was
nowhere near the mark of Bangalore, forget Bombay and Delhi.

Other than Azhar and Sangeetha, for a non-telugu movie watcher there
were no celebrities at all. Tollywood supposedly turned up in force
judging by the coverage in Hyderabad Times (HT)today but none of them
were recognisable to our group of 10.

There were the occasional designers and the rest of them, but for the
most it was compised of the Hyderabadi Reddy's whose names are dropped
so often in the same HT. We normally get to meet more celebrities at
each visit to Preetam Reddy's "Touch" than the whole of the HT party.

The entertainment was restricted to a couple of dancers from the Bombay
dance bars, 3 Russian women who danced what the MC called the Can-Can
but from my limited knowledge of music and dance it seemed more of a
Flamenco oriented, Spanish-Gypsy music and dance number. Except that
they did kick their legs up high which could be reminiscent of the
can-can I guess. Then there were these 2 males from bombay who were
supposed to be strippers, but they didnĂ‚’t take off anything other than
their shirts. And they were wearing jeans so totally unfair
entertainment policy I should say, given that the female dancers were
wearing the barest minimum of fabric.

The MC did an absolutely lousy job of it. She kept repeating "so is this
party going to rock" as if willing it to rock just by her constant
repetition. Sad fact being that the attendees were usually, actually
having a good time until she came on stage to ask her rocking question.

The MC then conducted a so called "Spot Prize" distribution and called
out names of tolly wood stars to receive gift vouchers worth Rs.3000/-
each. Neither the distributor or the distributees could be located for
quite awhile. Finally the distributor n his wife were duly located, but
only 2 of the distributees were to be found. Allu arjun for most
eligible bachelor and some other guy who couldnĂ‚’t speak English too well
for dressing Bollywood style. Guess he was going for the Sallu look
since he had most of his buttons open.

The Band "Tidal Waves" from Goa was great. Their English numbers were
quite good, but with the theme being Bollywood remixed, they were
compelled to play such numbers too which werent up to the mark.

DJ Ryan Beck was brought in to play some music post 2AM and that was
pretty decent too.

The bar tender who did some juggling with flaming bottles did a good job
but he was more interested in pouring shooters down the throats of the
PYT's around.

Having cribbed about all this, the brightest spot which overshone
everything else was the FOOD. Kakataiya's food in Hyderabad has to rank
among the best.

There were buffet tables for salad, Haleem(veg option on offer too),
Hyderabadi cuisine, Oriental cuisine, Lebanese cuisine, Frontier &
Awadhi cuisine, an Indian Grill section apart from the desserts.

Check out My pub & restaurant
review blog
for a Detailed Review of the Food

Dublin rocked for a while too. But after the amazing meal, and the
flowing Chivas Reagal, sleep was the only interesting option. Totally
agree with href="http://kimelody.blogspot.com/2004/10/paanch.html">Dipta, that
we have reached the Uncle/Aunty phase in life.

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