Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Skype ? ? ?

Check out this new tool, has both Windows and Pocket PC versions, and can very easily be used to talk on the internet, audio quality is quite good and works through firewalls (though that may be a security concern)

From: A Mathur
We have been using Skype here for almost a year hassles so far...takes up some bandwidth ourselves headphones in bulk when we first started using it...freely some other nice features too...try it out!!

From: Abhishek Kumar
As Abhinav said, it’s a great piece of software built for people using broadband. It’s been made by the author of Kazaa, and uses the same basic philosophy of peer to peer. I’ve often used it to talk o my friends in US.

No problems reported yet.

From: GG
Popular Telephony's Peerio technology just might upstage Skype's juggernaut. The company today announced that it has signed a deal with France's Logicom to develop a new line of handsets that use the Peerio serverless peer-to-peer VoIP technology. Unlike Skype which relies on a server to act like god for Skype calls, Peerio is a true peer-to-peer technology.


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