Monday, October 11, 2004

Son of Bengal vs Bengal Tiger

Thanks to Ambika Kaul for initially sending this.

Through the jungle I am went
On shooting Tiger I am bent
Bugger Tiger has eaten wife
I must revenge my dear one's life

Too much quiet, snakes and leeches
But I'm not afraid these sons of beeches
Hearing noise I am jump with start
But noise is coming from damn fool heart

Taking care not to be with fright
I am holding gun with eye to sight
If Tiger come I will fall him down
And like hero go back to native town

Then through the trees I'm seeing one cave
And telling self, "Bholanath, be brave"
I now proceed with too much care
From nonsense smell this Tiger's lair

My leg is shake, I start to pray
I think shoot Tiger some other day
Turning round I am going to go
But Tiger giving bloody roar

He leap from cave like shooting star
I commend my soul to Kali Ma
Through the jungle I am went
With bloody Tiger hot on scent

I swear to God that never in life
I will risk again for damn fool wife.

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