Saturday, September 25, 2004

Love Hua - Once More

Went to watch this play that was performed today in Hyderabad as part of the McDowell 4 city Theatre Fest. It left me with just one question. How do plays like this get corporate sponsorship while really good scripts with good actors dont get any ?

The script of this play was sad to start with. The actors tried to make something of it, but theres just so much an actor can do.

If u want to know the story it consisted of a film script writer -Rajesh Khattar who's wife had died and Rati Agnihotri who had recently divorced her husband and how they fall in love, out of love, and in love again.

Directed by Vandana Sajnani who also played Rajesh's sister and performed an item number somewhere down the line. Naved Aslam provided the only real comic relief as Rati's helpful childhood friend.

Organisers told us we had to pick up our tickets by 6:30 as 6:45 they would close the doors and performance would start on the dot of 7. It started at 8.30 and everything kind of went downhill from there.

Not worth mentioning any more about this play, just decided to skip part 3 of the series which will be here in 15 days.

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