Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Math and Tutoring

As a Math Major in College, I am sometimes asked to provide Math Help to my friends children. If the kids are younger, then its a pretty easy proposition, but if they are in the senior grades, then I seem to have forgotten some of my old mathematical concepts in the race with Management Concepts.

Hence I am then forced to relearn and re read mathematical concepts that I don't use on a daily basis in my current job, to teach someone else's kid. How poetic is that!

Fortunately with the advent of Online Math Tutoring, my time is now not being encroached upon. Sites have become more sophisticated and offer 24*7 Online Math Help.

So, advise to parents trying to get their kids to understand math, is to spare yourself, your friends and your kids the torture of trying to tutor them and rely on help from Online math tutors, who are more current in their knowledge and hence better able to help your child.

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