Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting a laptop/computer to work

Its very irritating to be working on your laptop/computer and you try to install something or download a file and a message pops up "Missing XYZ driver, please install and try again"

Times like these, I could almost through the latop out the window in frustration. Where on Earth am I supposed to go searching for a driver? The hardware company whose brand laptop you use, then the software guys websites or googling it normally is the route to go.

Then today, I discovered Driver Access which claims to have over a million drivers in their database. While this is not a claim that is easily verifiable, they do seem to have a rather large collection.

Whether you are looking for Computer Drivers, Webcam Drivers, Motherboard Drivers or USB Drivers, Driver Access has a solution.

They even offer a free driver scan for your machine, so you can check which drivers need updating and premptively get the newer versions, before you have to confront that error message again.

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