Friday, July 24, 2009

Buying tickets online

A lot of us have been using online sites to buy airline tickets. I remember reading recently that more than 40% of airline tickets in India are now being bought online avoiding the need for a travel agent.

While airline ticketing has taken off in a big way and railway ticketing to some extent, what about other kinds of tickets?

Tickets for shows like say for example: David Copperfield Tickets for a Magic/Illusionist show.

Music Shows like a Beyonce show or A Steady Rain Tickets

Or even something offbeat like Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets

Tickets for Cricket matches being sold online. Wouldn't it completely beat having to stand in line, braving inclement weather and worse, wasting hours of precious time that could be better utilised elsewhere?

The internet can make life a lot easier and help save a valuable resource of time. This is why sites that offer services like online ticket booking will always be a great alternative.

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