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Help Required - Manjunath Shanmugam

Hi Everyone,

Most of you must be familiar with the name Manjunath Shanmugam. He was the bright young lad from IIML - 2003 batch who was killed for doing his job honestly & trying to clean up the system. I am sure that when you read the stories in the newspapers last November you would have reacted to them in some way or the other. You might have admired his honesty, felt sorry for the loss of an innocent young life, despaired over the situation in India which allows such things to happen or a million other possibilities.

But did you do something about it ?

Didn't you feel a tiny twinge, a prick of the conscience ?
"What can I do to change the system ?"

Anjali Mullatti - IIML class of '93 is one of those who decided to do something concrete about it. I have pasted her mail below, so you can read in her words, what they are trying to do. It is an onerous task that she has undertaken, the least we can do is help in whichever way that we can. It need not be just financial but also through your network of contacts.

Karthik Karunakaran of the XL 93 batch knows Anjali as a batchmate (albeit a different college) and a friend. He will vouch for her genuineness. If any of you would like to verify any details with him before making a contribution, Karthik can be contacted at
Karthik Karunakaran (BMD'93)
mobile: +91-98410-72439

Anjali can be contacted directly at
Anjali Mullatti - IIML class of '93
Catalyst Consulting
Dir: +91.821.4288688
Cell: +91.98801 91323

Now that someone HAS taken the initiative, let's do what we can to help.

XL 99

-----Original Message-----
From: Karthik Karunakaran

Hi - Here is an appeal for a good cause. Anjali, who is spearheading this, is a friend of mine -KK


Feb 23rd is the birthday of Manjunath Shanmugam - an IIM L (2003) alumnus who lost his life for his fight against corruption. He died on November 19th, 2005.

As a Sales Manager with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL), Manju turned down bribes and ignored threats, to do his job – check rampant adulteration of petrol. He was shot dead in Lakhimpur Kheri by a petrol pump owner and his gang.

To most of us, though we never met him, Manju is extremely familiar and is, in part, within every one of us. This is one cause we CANNOT turn away from. We have no excuse. We must ensure that his death does not go in vain.

The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust is now a legal entity with 2 trustees - Anjali Mullatti (IIML '93) and H. Jaishankar (IIMB '91).

The immediate and urgent focus of the trust is to take up the legal battle and ensure quick justice for the murder case. The murderers must not go free.

The broader objectives of the trust are

a . To establish and maintain an award for individuals/institutions working to uphold the values of truth and honesty in the face of danger to themselves.
b. To provide aid to individuals fighting a legal battle to uphold the values of truth, honesty or justice in the Indian corporate, government or public matters.

For updates on what we have done to date and our next steps, please visit the trust website:

How can you help?
Firstly – funds are needed to pay lawyers' fees, case costs, build an award corpus.. this will be a long and tedious battle. Please donate just one day's salary for the cause.
Our first donors: Rs. 44,500 ($ 1000) from Sanjay Khanduri, Wharton Class of 2006, and Rs. 30,000 from Akhil Krishna, IIML 2003.

Secondly, if you can commit time and effort, please write in and be part of the team.

Thirdly, if you have close contacts in media, police, legal, judiciary who can help, please let us know.

It is heartwarming that so many people have already reacted immediately and generously – across the spectrum of media, legal, police and the IIM fraternity. Be part of that group.

How do you donate?
Write a cheque favouring 'The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust' , and courier it to:
2909/1, Raghavapriya, 3rd Main, V.V. Mohalla, Mysore 570 002, India

Write a cheque favouring 'The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust' , and deposit it in any HDFC bank drop box, with a deposit slip, account number 0651000091870.

Do an online money transfer, to the HDFC Bank a/c, from your ICICI /HDFC/Citibank a/c. Account number 0651000091870.

Currently FCRA regulations prohibit us from accepting foreign remittances - we're working on getting special permission. For now, please route all overseas donations via your regular Indian rupee accounts.

We have also applied for income tax exemption for donors under Section 80 (G).

Please contact me for any further clarifications -

Anjali Mullatti - IIML class of '93
Catalyst Consulting
Dir: +91.821.4288688
Cell: +91.98801 91323

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