Sunday, February 19, 2006

Caferati British Council Flash Fiction Contest

Caferati conducted 2 contests, Flash Fiction and SMS Poetry as part of the Kala Ghoda Festival.

Theme for Flash fiction was "Black Horse" and an entire story had to be told in 300 words. For The SMS poetry contest the theme was "Love" & it had to fit into one sms (160 characters)

Read the shortlisted SMS Poetry Entries
The winners were
1st, Rohinton Daruwala
2nd, devashish makhija
3rd, Rinku Dutta
You can read their poems on the shortlist page, against these code
numbers: 53, 18 and 32 respectively.

Read the shortlisted Flash Fiction
The winners were
1st, Misha Singh
2nd, Annie Zaidi
3rd, Pawan Sony, Shiladitya Chakraborty and Anita Vasudeva
You can read their stories on the shortlist page, against these code numbers: 57, 71, 30, 89 and 77 respectively

The judges scoring can be seen at (SMS) and (FF)

(I was one of the finalists for the flash fiction but scored quite miserably on the second round of judging...)

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Mohit Kishore said...

hi Kim,
Thanks for leading me to Caferati.. and also your kind words.

Btw.. I'm a bummer from XL'05

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