Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why are you looking at me ?

Many of you may remember the Blank Noise blog-a-thon on the issue of harassment of women on the streets, euphemestically referred to as "Eve-teasing".

Blank Noise is going a step forward with an intervention this time. They're planning to stage 'Why are you looking at me'. This is what it would look like, except, they're planning to do this in the evening and not at night -

They can use as many volunteers as possible so please participate!

You can mail Chinmayee Manjunath [chininath[at]rediffmail[dot]com] for more details

Venue: Carter Road
Time: 5.30 pm
Date: Saturday, April 22

Please spread the word. They can use as many people as are interested. They need 17 for the intervention and everyone else can help with the posters/ opinion polls. And they need people to help document it with photographs, etc.

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