Tuesday, November 23, 2004

For Love or Money 4 - Spoiler


R u like me ?

do u watch just the last 5 minutes of reality shows, just to see who gets eliminated or fired ?

If so, then heres the spoiler for Season 4 of "For Love or Money" (Its true because this comes from the US where its already been aired, ages ago. - aah, the wonders of internet)

Rachel & Amanda are both brought back for Part 4. No major fireworks on screen, so if thats what u were going to watch it for, avoid!

At the end of first episode the 15 guys have to chose between the 2. 8 choos Rachel, 7 choose Amanda, so Amanda has to leave with the 7 guys who chose her. They are eliminated.

Last episode Rachel chooses Caleb, who also chooses her. His cheque is worth $1. She again choses Caleb over the money.

But apparently one month after the show screened in the US, they split up and Rachel is currently considering posing for Playboy.

Preston and PJ are supposedly still going around.

Now arent you Indian viewers, glad abt this info. Now u save at least 10 hours of watching this inane show, just because u have to know who got thrown out this time. Use this extra time productively to cook up a special something for dinner.


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