Friday, August 27, 2004

Music n some rambling too

I confess, I am a frequent point addict. Thats the reason i goto planet m, buy most clothes from shoppers stop, lifestyle, was addicted to cafe coffee day opposed to barrista, om books in delhi, crossword in bangalore n odyssey in chennai n hyderbad tho walden has a better selection in the last 2 cities.... Ive had decent interactions with these guys. If the service pisses me off, Im the first to leave tho, but in the above mentioned book shops Ive had the best of service other than walden who is too big to bother. Same goes for landmark in bangalore n chennai. Huge collection but very impersonal staff.


All time favourites, bellamy brothers, simon n garfunkel, beatles, allanis morisette(just adore her, kind of identify with her catholic school upbringing) bon jovi, scorpions, liked madonna in the 80s but she's getting weirder by the day, same with MJ, I love dance music from the 60's n 70's, beachboys, abba, carpenters. the latino rythm is something i like, yet the only options available in india r enrique n jlo, tho i dont much care for 90% of her albums, there could b just 1 or 2 songs worth listening to. indian stores donts even carry gloria estefan. sinatra, perry como, jim reeves, elvis, nat king cole..... voices u can still swoon to.

Havent been able to get my hand on some big band variety, when in chicago i didnt know how to pick up good jazz stuff, so didnt buy any. Now plan to do a crash course with hari (who seems to know everything about music) and will request whoever flies to US next to pick up stuff from a list or maybe wait another 6 months for my bro to get back. dad's useless at shopping. If i ask for peabo bryson, he'l most probably get me p diddy or prince(tho his latest video with the little kid who dances amazingly well, is quite good too) or something like that : ) he keeps mixing names up, so definitely not a good option.

hate the hindi remixes that r churned out everyday in a more demeaning form, started listening to hindi music (actually understanding hindi itself) when I went to xl, so now, I like the classic RD burman, kishore, mukesh, asha (helen nos r my favourite here), lata variety, tho I most probably wouldnt be able to identify them individually. I actually like Indian Ocean and Euphoria. Used to like Lucky ali but find his tunes r getting a little monotonous these days.

Listen to a couple of boy bands becos of my sis n pick them up for her too. Westlife, blue, backstreet boys, u must know them by no. I do listen to MLTR tho, the range in their songs is extremely difficult to achieve, very few people can sing an MLTR song without changing scales mid way.

Im a trained pianist tho i dont play a note these days, that was a 'done thing' in my community so.... but im rebelling now. But yeah i do listen to classical stuff too. Strauss' waltzes r my favourites but chopin, beethoven the rest of it too.

Tho i start my day with bhajans n hindu chants esp gayatri mantra which i have found works for me., keeps me calmer the days i listen to it.

Guess u can say : I am a bundle of contradictions, but thats what makes life interesting. Hari's moved here. So we totally freak out on his collection. He has some really rare collections n compilations. so if u have varied taste u will freak on it too.

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At 8/27/2004 03:30:07 PM, Shawn said...

They have that points system here in Korea too...

Shawn :

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